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Sales Enablement for Medical Devices


The best sales reps deserve the most sustainable tools. This is one reason why the world’s leading companies use App Data Room as part of their modern toolkit to improve selling efficiency. Our sales enablement and marketing asset performance platform gives your teams the competitive advantage to deliver reliable & effective presentations in any location, from any device.


Empower your teams

Ensure that everyone representing your products always has access to the up-to-date materials they need. Provide the right content, at the right time, to deliver the perfect sales presentation.

Sales Enablement for Medical Devices - App Data Room

Get in Control

Easily support users anywhere in the world, in any language. With App Data Room, sales asset management is simple. Structure your content and marketing assets for a global sales force. User groups and content can be organized however you need, including by location, language, role, rep, and more.

“Currently, salespeople spend less than 36% of their time selling, but salespeople don’t just need to make more calls, they need to make great calls as well.” ~ CSO Insights

Measure & report success

Comprehensive analytics provide insight into your effectiveness and ROI. Closely track, evaluate, and report on your efforts on a macro or a micro level. Discover overarching trends, or zoom in to view specific sales calls to see how they progressed and which materials were used.

Media Manager content assets on Microsoft Surface - App Data Room


As Heartware grew, the need to have better marketing control over sales collateral became apparent. Their sales force needed a simple solution that was not difficult to learn.
Intersect ENT Case Study - App Data Room
Intersect ENT needed a new mobile sales solution that would require minimal time for their IT department to manage, and function reliably with each new iOS update.

Scalable Selling With Entellus Medical

Learn how Entellus Medical uses App Data Room to share virtual, instant updates with their network of reps, distributors, and retailers across multiple platforms and devices.

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