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The Simplicity of Great Apps Infographic

The Simplicity of Great Apps Infographic

According to reports, two out of three apps receive fewer than 1,000 downloads during their first year of design. There are many factors that can influence the success or failure of an app, but one of the biggest mistakes app developers commonly make when building a new app is overdesign. Thankfully, in the past year there’s been an obvious and growing trend toward minimalistic design when it comes to mobile apps (think iOS7). In the following infographic, we’ll include some interesting facts and figures about the state of the app and mobile industry, outline some key features of minimalistic design, and shed light on a few examples of great app design.

The Simplicity of Great Apps

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Scott Olson

Scott is a prolific software engineer and entrepreneur specializing in mobile-first business and consumer applications across a variety of platforms. He’s passionate about solving business pain points, making people's lives easier and saving them time through creative applications of software.

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