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Product Overview

Sales Enablement, Asset Management, Content Effectiveness, and More

App Data Room Product shown on Mac and iPad

Global Content Management

Easily support sales teams anywhere in the world, in any language. Within the App Data Room platform, you can easily structure your content and marketing assets for a global sales force. Create groups of users, language-specific content or location of users to ensure your team always has access to the materials they need.



Instant Follow-Up

Sales can send follow-up emails instantly to interested clients by simply tapping the media files and sending them through the app. This removes the typical follow-up delay in the sales process and ensures your prospective customer gets the information while your product is top-of-mind.

Guided Selling

Provide sales intelligence and deliver the right content to reps at the right time in any unique buyer engagement.

Guided Selling with App Data Room


Monitor performance with in-app analytics

Track number of views, time spent on each piece of media, what is sent as follow-up and activity level by salesperson, all within the app.

Lead Capture

App Data Room’s Lead Capture feature uses the iPad’s internal camera to scan information much like a badge scanner at a trade show. This allows sales people to scan and automatically complete predetermined fields and enter additional qualifying information, such as product needs or timeline and budget. The information captured can either be used to send information or feed into CRM or marketing automation platform.


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