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Marketo Integration

Marketo integration App Data Room

Get sales call insight and complete the picture of prospect activity with App Data Room and Marketo

App Data Room provides the ability to see results and data behind marketing efforts, and specifically how those efforts influence the end goal of more sales.

Automatically push data from App Data Room to Marketo and keep your marketing in sync with offline activity. Further automate your marketing automation. Connect to automatically add to lists, add to campaigns, nurture and score leads.

We provide actionable insights and client engagement data from inside the sales call. Data tells the story of exactly what’s happening before, during and after a meeting.

  • Collect every single email sent from App Data Room via follow-up.
  • Easy-to-use, runs in the background to ensure that leads don’t slip through the cracks.
  • Automation rules to move leads into Marketo lists & campaigns.

Questions? We’d love to help you get the most of the App Data Room – Marketo integration. Contact us today.