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HubSpot Integration

HubSpot plus App Data Room Integration

Link sales reps with HubSpot for total buyer engagement

Leverage the sales activities in App Data Room’s mobile platform to drive powerful marketing action with HubSpot’s Inbound marketing software.

  • Extend marketing intelligence into the sales call.
  • Collect every single email sent from App Data Room via follow-up.
  • Automation rules move leads into lists & workflows.

How Does it Work?

The App Data Room – HubSpot integration allows you to keep your HubSpot data consistent and in sync with sales activities that occur offline. The data from App Data Room fills the void of what happens in the sales call and puts it into HubSpot. It’s easy to setup with no programming required.


There’s still a need, possibly stronger than ever, for face to face sales and real human contact. As an eyes & ears extension of HubSpot, we bring actionable insights and client engagement inside the sales call. Data tells the story of exactly what’s happening before, during and after a meeting.

Easily move data from App Data Room to HubSpot and keep your sales & marketing systems effortlessly up-to-date. The integration runs in the background to ensure that leads don’t slip through the cracks. Further automate your marketing automation. Connect to automatically add leads to segmented lists, add to workflows, and get a fuller picture of lead activity.

For us, this is more than just an integration, we’re HubSpot experts that get excited by streamlining the lead process and increasing marketing intelligence.

How to Use this Integration

Things you will need:

– An account at App Data Room (Signup for a free trial)
– An account at HubSpot

1. Login to your App Data Room account

2. Click Integrations


3. Locate HubSpot then click “Configure”


4. Enter your Hub ID then click “Authenticate”

5. Authorize the app to complete the connection between your HubSpot and App Data Room accounts


6. Add your first triggered action

– Click “Add Triggered Action”
– Choose the App Data Room trigger, the corresponding HubSpot action to perform when conditions match and click “Create” to finish adding a triggered action


7. Enjoy!

(Note: Use of this integration does not change or affect the content, settings or other functionality within your App Data Room account)

Still have questions? We would love to help you get the most of your App Data Room – HubSpot integration. Contact us today.