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Dedicated Client Services Support for App Data Room and Lead Capture

We know how useful and important Lead Capture is to the success of trade show events. This is why we are providing a complete set of services to assist Exhibit Services teams with setting up and using the Lead Capture feature.

No matter the size of your show or the level of expertise of your team, we can help you get the most out of your Lead Capture capabilities.

Client Services - Lead Capture Premium

What Is Lead Capture Premium?

  • Turnkey support for Lead Capture
  • Complete set-up and configuration of iPads with Lead Capture bar-code scanning, custom contact forms, event content, and retrieval of event leads after the event
  • Event set–up includes configuring the event barcode API for attendee information retrieval
  • iPad rental available
  • Kiosk rental available
  • Dedicated on-site event support person available for training booth personnel

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