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About App Data Room

About App Data Room

The flagship product of Modus Engagement, App Data Room is the leading enterprise sales enablement and marketing asset performance platform assisting global sales and marketing teams to organize, store, share, present, and track interactive sales media and content.

Optimized for global organizations, App Data Room puts the right content in the hands of the right user, wherever in the world they need it. Our platform is highly intuitive and integrates natively with many CRM and marketing automation systems for a seamless experience and maximum value.

Enterprise sales & marketing teams appreciate the usage analytics generated from the platform to provide the latest content to their networks of sales reps, distributors and channel partners in an efficient manner. Today, tens of thousands of users around the globe depend on App Data Room for shortening sales cycles and growing sales.

Sales Enablement Platform

App Data Room expands beyond sales asset management to include lead generation and content creation capabilities. Maximize your trade show ROI with Lead Capture® and kiosk applications. Save time and budget developing media with our soon-to-be-released interactive content creator. With solutions from Modus Engagement, your team has the tools to engage customers and grow sales.

We Started With Our Customers

App Data Room began with the introduction of the very first iPad and the vision of a few innovative medical device organizations. As these companies planned to replace the laptop computers used by their sales teams with tablets, they realized that they needed a robust sales asset management system to organize, deploy, and manage rich media, this need was the beginning of App Data Room. It was also the beginning of over five years of evolution in features and capabilities based on specific client needs. Beginning with an intuitive UI, App Data Room today is relied upon by global organizations, large and small, to deliver the perfect presentation instantly to every sales meeting.

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Our Team

Orrin Broberg

President & CEO

Scott Olson


Jeff Cronk

VP of Engineering

Adam Luckeroth

VP of Sales

Matt Greener

VP of Marketing

Stuart Loecker

Director of Client Services

Andrey Mitin

Director of Software Development

Ashley Martin

Sr. Enterprise Account Executive

Carla Heir


Robin Tinker

Customer Success Manager

Stephanie Ussatis

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aaron Wirth

Software Developer

Danica Caudillo

Customer Service Specialist

Nick Adams

Account Executive

Danielle Przetycki

Account Executive

Emily Werdal

Visual Designer

Elliott Johnson

Sales and Partner Development Director

Jessica Oakes

Full Stack Software Engineer

Nathan Walsh

Software Engineer

Thomas Buchanan

Sr. Sales Development Rep

Katie Heinemann

Software Engineer

Commitment to Security


App Data Room only transmits login, passwords, tokens and other sensitive metadata using 2048 bit RSA keys from our SSL certificate provider. In addition we use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt each one with its own unique key.

Unique URLs

Beyond offering industry leading security and encryption App Data Room email message use a unique 20-digit URL schema that ensures that your email pitches can go to just your audience and only your audience.

Advanced Password Features

One of the best ways to protect content is ensure that your employees have strong passwords. We can leverage your companies existing single-sign on credentials, or administrators’ can set robust passwords for each user.

Ongoing Security Testing

We conduct continuous security testing through a number of means including vulnerability scanning, application testing, frequent penetration testing and static code analysis to ensure that our applications are protected from the most common categories of identified threats.