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The Mobile Continuum Infographic

The Mobile Continuum Infographic

Whether it’s working, presenting, computing, or communicating, mobile technologies are making sales teams sleeker and meeting customer needs in dynamic new ways. In the following infographic, we’re outlining a few different types of technologies that more and more B2B companies have been adopting lately. We’ll start by illustrating how mobile has been penetrating the workplace. Next, we’ll outline the ways in which businesses have been embracing cloud services. From there, we’ll move on to location services, and finish up by shedding light on how salespeople are making presentations more customized and more personalized. Take a look:

The Mobile Continuum

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Orrin Broberg

Orrin is President and CEO of Modus Engagement. As a lifelong inventor and entrepreneur, he's responsible for the development and realization of multiple award-winning business products. For more than two decades, Orrin has shown a consistent talent for recognizing market needs and providing effective solutions.

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  • Micael Granberg
    Posted at 09:42h, 29 July Reply

    Today, probably, you will get writer’s cramp describing all advantages mobile and cloud technologies give to business, communication and daily life. I think that we can become more productive if only we take advantage of new gadgets. Mobile ad spending is impressive, but, of course, it will keep increasing every year.
    I am particularly interested in any other infographics like this one. Any suggestions?

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